Search Engine Optimization, SEO Marketing

Getting Traffic, Not Rankings

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Depending on whom you talk to, defining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a full days work.
Let’s simplify it to what’s important to you and your business.

— SEO are the FREE search results you see when you Google something.

— SEO is also, and most importantly, FREE Traffic & Visitors to your website.  It’s that simple.


Don’t let someone explain it to you any different than that.

What Does SEO Mean for Your Businesswhy does your business need SEO?

The Purpose of SEO Is To Increase The Visibility Of Your Business On Search Engines To Customers Looking To Do Business With You.

The SEO Formula

SEO FOR YOUR BUSINESSmore customers, more profits

What Our Team and SEO Services can do for your business:

Quality Keyword Research

Research and target the proper keywords your customers are actually searching for when looking for services and products you offer.

Make Website SEO Ready

We audit, adjust and fix your websites to meet all of Google’s criteria of an SEO Ready website.  Fancy website simply don’t work if it’s not SEO ready.

Top Search Results

Get your business the top search results when customers are looking for you and your services.  Higher quality results, higher quality customers.

Quality Website Visitors

When it comes to website traffic and visitors, it all means nothing if it doesn’t not convert.  We’re about getting you visitors looking to buy!

Website Organization

Our team will make sure your website is organize and layout out strategically to generate new business.  Lead your customers straight to the buy button!

The Ugly Truthlower rankings can be better

Now, we’ve constantly told you that it’s not all about #1
ranking and traffic, it’s about New Business


The truth is, for many businesses, you may NEVER be able to rank #1 for keywords that you’re targeting. Topping power organizations, companies and websites such as a Walmart, Toyota, Wikipedia and many others for top rankings is like moving a 800lbs Gorilla, it’s not going to happen.

However, that doesn’t mean that ranking below them or simply on the 1st Page of Google is a bad thing.

Search results today are pretty skewed towards the TOP 3 rankings, in fact about 75% of organic search result traffic comes from those top spots. Sounds like a lot right?

And it is, but if a targeted keywords receives 100,000 searches a month, wouldn’t you be okay ranking #6 for that same keywords and be a part of the other 25% of traffic? That’s 25,000 of potential customers that would be able to find you on the 1st page.

That is why our company strategy and services are not geared toward top rankings. Can we work to get you top rankings, of course, but only if it makes sense to do so. No matter how much traffic you receive for #1 rankings, if that traffic DOES NOT convert to new customers, it doesn’t mean a thing. Ranking #5, #10 or even ranking on PAGE 2 is never a bad thing, when it’s generating new business and making your more money.


better yet, let's get you more business