Who Can Use More Customers?…

let's talk SEO!

Who Can Use More Customers?…

Now before we begin, we apologize for the extended delay between post. We must tell you our good reason… We don’t have one. It’s been an exciting and busy time since Sollabec Marketing has launched and we’re on cloud 9 right now. We thank you for that!

So let’s get back to it.

We left off on Online Marketing, so easy everyone should be doing it. We quickly posed the great dilemma of hiring a marketer or, you as a business owner, doing it yourself.

The answer, with great suspense I’m sure, was YES TO ALL! –Confused much? If you’re not, good, if you are… even better!

As we pose this questions to you right now, let us ask you another… How is your Online Marketing? Who can use more customers right now? Everyone! –Good!

Let’s Talk SEO

We’ll assume you like the possibility of attracting more customers, which leads us to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine RankingsNow if you’re not familiar with SEO, without going into a long explanation that can take weeks to learn, simply view the image to the right and you’ll have SEO explained to you in seconds.

SEO is the process of having your business appear on the search results of Google, or any other search engine (Yahoo, Bing, Ask…etc.). As I’m sure you’ve Google’d before, I’m also sure you’ve browsed through the search results… you see ads at the top, on the right side and the bottom (businesss pay for these ads to appear when certain keywords are searched for), then you have the in-between, the FREE search results Google gives you to help you find what you’re looking for.

You see, these FREE search results are 10 per page, and Google uses their own formula to determine the best results based on the search keywords you submitted and any previous data that may be available about your Internet use.

SEO is the best and strongest method to generate customers and new business on the Internet. NUMBER ONE! NUMERO UNO! THE BEST! THE CHAMP! EL MUY MACHO!

And speaking of number one, we’ll mainly stick to Google as our primary search engine, they’re number one too. Over 60% of customers use Google over any other search engine.

Now, the goal of every business owner is or should be to appear on the FREE results, a better goal would be to appear as the TOP 3 search results right?. You see, Google receives over 12 million searches every month in the U.S.. Only less than 10% of visitors go on to view the 2nd page of the search results, and over 75% of customers ONLY view the top area of the search results, which cover the TOP 3 results.

So, if that’s the case… let’s make sure Google gets your business to appear on the 1st page of the search results. Even better, let’s shoot for the TOP 3 results. Problem solved.

As you can guess, it’s not that easy. Google uses a complicated formula in evaluating websites and businesses to determine where they would be ranked when certain keywords are searched. It’s so complicating and confusing even Google sometimes seems lost in how it works. That’s a fact!

Moment of Honesty

Online MarketingThe process of getting your website evaluated by Google and generating top rankings for certain keywords is called SEO. And long story short…

  • SEO is Complicated
  • SEO is Very Costly
  • SEO is Under Constant Change
  • SEO has many moving components.

There’s no one way of doing SEO, and normally when one is found, the formula changes very quickly. Lastly…

  • SEO has no guarantee!

Yup, that’s right! No matter how many times you hear it, how many times it’s been sold to you… ranking your website/business on Google is not an overnight process. Heck, normally it’s not even a 1-2 month process. It can take 3 months or over a 1 year to increase your rankings to the 1st page of search results. Anyone telling you otherwise… is not someone you want to buy from.

Acheiving SEO

SEO RankingsFinally for some good news. Given all these downer points on SEO, ranking your business and getting a flood of new customers, can SEO realistically be achieved?

Yes. You see, the simple definition of achieving SEO is the act of increasing the visibility of your Website / Business on the Internet.

The more Google sees of you online, the better it will evaluate you, rank you and deem you important! VOILA… TOP RANKINGS!

Another Moment of Honesty…

Unfortunately, before you get to high on rankings, we have to bring you down to earth one more time. We have to be honest with you for the 2nd time.

Most, if not all, business owners are not ready for SEO off the bat!

In Conclusion

Let’s break this down so we fully understand this whole SEO process.

We’ve determined

  • SEO is tough!
  • SEO offers no Guarantees!
  • SEO is costly!
  • Your business is likely not ready for SEO!

And most importantly…

SEO is the #1 way to Market your business on the Internet!


Marketing Online SEO

What the Heck!?!…

We’d like to introduce you to… The SEO Shortcut! –See you next week!


*Please excuse our grammers, mispells, and running sentences… we’re marketers, not writers! (get it!) 😉