The Blueprint To Your Online Marketing…

The SEO Shortcut

The Blueprint To Your Online Marketing…

We last left off given you the brutal truth when it comes to marketing online and SEO. If you recall, we defined the process of achieving SEO very simply by…

Increasing the visibility of your Website / Business on the Internet.

When it comes to Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very tough to accomplish, it offers no Guarantees, it can be very costly, most likely your business is not ready for it and most importantly…

SEO is the #1 way to Market your business on the Internet!

The Blueprint

So what now? –It’s very simple. Allow us to introduce you to The Blueprint Your Online Marketing, or very simply “The SEO Shorcut”.

Blueprint To Your Online MarketingIn the coming weeks, we’re going to go over the very simple things you as business owner can do online to generate more exposure for your business, get found quickly by new customers, and become a bigger presence online for all search engines (aka Google) to see.

Now if you’ve read our previous post, you may be wondering why you as a business owner should put your marketing hat on if marketing is not your expertise. Perhaps you’re a repair man, a restaurant owner/chef, an event planner or a business owners that knows EVERYTHING about your business… and knows nothing about Online Marketing. Not to worry.

Now if you remember, we posed the questions many business owner ask themselves… Should I hire a marketer? or Should I learn and do it myself?

The answer was, YES! You see, depending on where you’re at within your business, whether you’re just starting out, on the verge of growing, or well established and ready to take it to the next level, this will determine if you should hire someone or not. Some business owners may not be able to afford a marketer, others want to take it upon themselves to start their marketing on their own, but don’t know where to get started.

So depending on where you are at withing your business, we’re going to go over some basic and powerful strategies you can do yourself to get started, establish your business online and make sure Google knows who you are RIGHT NOW! Since SEO is the OH-MOST POWERFUL marketing strategy, we’re going to give you the shortcut! –So let’s get started!

Marketing 101

To get started, we’re going to introduce you to Marketing 101. In its simplistic form, what is Marketing?

Marketing can be define by simply…

Increasing the visibility of your business in the marketplace.

Quick FlashbackBack to the Future

If you remember just a moment ago, how did we define the process of achieving SEO…

Increasing the visibility of your Website / Business on the Internet.

Pretty interesting right!

Now, think back when there Was NO INTERNET… The Stone Ages! 😉

  • How would a business market themselves?
  • Where would they Market?
  • What was they best way to market a business?

Billboards. Newspapers. Magazines. Radio. TV. Yellow Pages. Flyers. Word of Mouth.

It was the hustling time of marketing, do whatever it takes to get customers walking through the door.

The Circle of MarketingMarketing 101

Now think about today’s marketing… and ask yourself the same questions. With today’s advance strategies, power of the Internet and the technology… How, Where and What are the best way to market your business.

As the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

With Social Media, you have the ability to replace Billboards and Newspapers with Facebook, Magazines with Instagram, Yellow Pages with Internet directories like Yelp & Google+ Local, Media Ads with Blogs, TV with YouTube, and worth of mouth has basically turned into Twitter.

No matter how our technology evolves, and the tools advance, the BASIC STRATEGIES OF MARKETING remain the same… the source may change, but never the concepts.

It’s the Circle of Marketing!

Where To Start…

Now that we’ve defined SEO, Marketing and their evolving strategies… Where should you as a business owner start your marketing? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Blogging? Pinterest? …etc. There’s so many options available, it can be difficult for a business owner to keep their marketing in line.

Next week, our team will go over the best starting point your business MUST begin with to successfully set up a foundation that can boost your business immediately. We promise you, is not what you think…


*Please excuse our grammers, mispells, and running sentences… we’re marketers, not writers! (get it!) 😉