Online Marketing is Easy, Everyone Should Do It…

The Blueprint to your Online Marketing

Online Marketing is Easy, Everyone Should Do It…

Marketing your business online can be one of the most confusing, toughest and frustrating things any business owner can grow through. How can marketing online be so tough? You would figure with today’s technology and social media craze world, marketing online should be the easiest things in the world.

Put your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Tumblr, Google+, Foursquare, Vkontakte (don’t know what this is, but put your business on there anyway), build a website, make sure it’s mobile friendly, put a blog on your website, then finally… tell all your friends about your new business.


Business Owner HatsOh, can’t forget to create 1-2 post everyday on something interesting and post it on everyone of those single social media sites. Then when someone comments, comment back, interact. Comment on other peoples post, or other business’ post, interact with them.


Then when YOURE DONE with these simple marketing strategies… comes time to run your business and let the customers roll in!

Business Owners Know Best

What are few things we know about most business owners? –Business owners are smart, they’re entrepreneurs, they’re work-a-holics, they’re dedicated, and most of them are experts in their business. And unfortunately, there lies the problem. Unless their business is online marketing, they are not the experts of online marketing. Yet, year after year I’ve met with business owners wearing all the hats in their business, they are CEO’s, accountants, salesmen, HR, recruiters and of course, marketers.

So while you as business owners are so busy running your business and wearing all hats, when do you find the time to POST? LIKE? RETWEET? REPLY? PIN? +1? DOUBLE TAP? SHARE? FOLLOW? and REPLY AGAIN?

Online Marketing… Everyone Should Do It!

Everything Internet MarketingNot to fear… Sollabec is Here! In the weeks and months to come we’re going to break down Internet marketing and give you The Blueprint Guide to Your Online Marketing! We plan on showing how marketing your business online can be very basic.

Because in reality, marketing should not be that difficult, and it isn’t!

Should you be your own marketer? Should you as a business owner be handling the POSTING, the LIKING, the TWEETING (okay, you get the picture)?


Should you hire experts like ourselves (hint! hint!) to run your marketing for you?

YES to All!

To be continued…

*Please excuse our grammers, mispells, and running sentences… we’re marketers, not writers! (get it!) 😉