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A business with a character and a style unique enough to impress!

Sollabec is an Internet marketing company that focuses on providing effective advertising and marketing solutions for local business owners. Our mission is to help local businesses establish their brands online, generate more exposure. attract more customers, and improve their ROI in their marketing efforts.

Sollabec was founded by partners of Attraction Marketing Formula LLC, an Internet Marketing firm co-founded Ferny Ceballos who is recognized as one of the top authorities in the Internet marketing, advertising and sales conversion. The Sollabec team have authored multiple training courses teaching entrepreneurs and business owners how to market online for more exposure, customers, and revenue. They have helped many of their clients establish successful 6-figure and 7-figure businesses using the techniques outlined in their marketing courses and consulting services.

Together, the team has positively impacted thousands of businesses worldwide since 2008.

And now we want to use our skills and our talented team to help you grow your business by leveraging the awesome power of the Internet.


Sollabec Marketing & Consulting is committed to help your business get more exposure, better branding, and more customers. We are dedicated to putting your business directly in-front of your community, by syncing the Search Engines, Social Media, Local Maps & Your Website, for maximum exposure.

The Sollabec Teamwe're kinda of a big deal!

Ramiro Ceballos

Ramiro Ceballos received his undergrad from the University of California, Riverside in Business Administration, emphasizing in Marketing. While earning his degree he was able to work with marketers from Toyota, Mazda/Hyunday and other major auto companies in analyzing and breaking down their marketing strategies in connecting with today’s young adults and adapting to the new digital marketing world.

While at the University of California, Ramiro was a key member of the Athletic department marketing unit which transitioned it’s athletic program, from Division II to Division I-A. A very important transitioned which pinned the University with elite programs that consisted of UCLA, USC, Cal Berkley and many others, not just athletically, but commercially, having to re-brand and market the University’s status to a new level of exposure and competition.

With over 10 years of sales and managerial experience, and nearly 6 years of Internet marketing experience, Ramiro decided to start up his own marketing firm in Sollabec Marketing & Consulting, dedicated to training and working with business owners on redeveloping their marketing strategies, adapting to today’s very dynamic online world and helping them drive new business through the Internet.

Ramiro Ceballos
Chief Executive Officer /
Head Hancho

A sports enthusiast who tweets at professional athletes and boxers/fighters who get on his nerves! 😉

Ferny Ceballos
Partner /
Black Belt Martial Artist

Alumn Offensive Tackle for the MIT Beavers.
Did you know MIT had a football team? -They went undefeated in 2014 NCAA Division 3A.

Fernando Ceballos

Before venturing into the world of entrepreneurship Fernando “Ferny” Ceballos was a highly respected engineer, working in the aerospace industry.

Ferny Ceballos is an anomaly in the marketing industry, having graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, respectively. He had the prestige, income & respect from peers, but lacked happiness as an engineer, which motivated him to turn to internet marketing.

Since then, Ferny and his team have literally helped thousands of business owners world-wide market their products and services on the Internet, both locally and all over the world. Their marketing strategies have directly been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in online sales for their clients as well as in their own businesses.

He is also co-creator of the No Excuses Summit, an annual internet marketing training event for entrepreneurs world wide. Ferny have also appeared as guest speakers at many other live events, seminars, been interviewed in several publications, and has authored a cover article in Black Belt Magazine.

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